Acrylic Wax (XC-600)

Acrylic Wax (XC-600) is a metal, cross-linked acrylic co-polymer finish used on asphalt tile, vinyl tile, rubber tile, linoleum, terrazzo, wood block and concrete floors. This wax coating preserves and protects floor surfaces and dries to a non-yellowing, self-polishing shine in just 20-30 minutes.


Acrylic Wax coating is highly resistant to marks and abrasions. It spreads smoothly and evenly on both light and dark floors and even brightens up floor colors. Using Acrylic Wax lowers maintenance costs by reducing frequent recoats.

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• 28% solids

• Abrasion resistant

• Non-yellowing

• Detergent resisting

• Brightens colors

• Preserves and protects floors

• Does not streak or puddle

• Dries to a shine in 20-30 minutes

• Lowers maintenance costs



• Remove old wax or finish with a Paint Stripper

• Apply to clean floor surface with a lambs wool applicator

• For larger areas, spray in a sweeping motion with a garden-type sprayer or industrial sprayer



• Covers approximately 1500 – 2000 sq. ft. per gallon

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