Chemical Resistant Epoxy Patch (AP-160)

If you’re dropping acid, you’ll want to coat the shop floor with our Chemical Resistant Epoxy Patch (AP-160)! From foundries and auto dealerships to paint shops and battery plants, AP-160 provides outstanding protection against acids, alkalis, solvents, chemicals, heat, and cold. It’s a high-strength concrete repair and resurfacer that can be used on concrete, steel, and wood floors.

Brick Red
Fire Engine Red
Twilight Gold
Safety Yellow
Safety Green
Hunter Green
Azure Blue
Ford Blue
Battleship Gray
Dark Gray
Medium Gray
Light Gray

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Patch (AP-160) is a 100% Novolac-based, highly chemical-resistant solution with an amine catalyst and aggregate. It protects surfaces from harsh chemical spills and can be used to fill pits, holes, cracks and joints in floor surfaces.

This patch provides an extra-long wearing, permanent, and resilient finish that can withstand heavy, abusive traffic. It has a 15,500 psi compression strength and will not break down at temperatures below 550°F. It is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents, heat, and cold.

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• Self-leveling—minimal trowel work

• Withstands heavy, abusive traffic

• 100% Novolac resin base with an amine catalyst and aggregate

• 15,500 psi compression strength

• Will not break down at temperatures below 550°F

• Concrete Repair will fully cure for heavy traffic in 6-8 hours

• Excellent for expansion and contraction applications

• Highly resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents, heat and cold

• Extra-long wearing – permanent and resilient

• Bonds to concrete, steel and wood

• Available in a variety of colors


Cure Time:

• Fully cured for heavy traffic in 6-8 hours

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