Fibered Roof Coating (CR-2100)

Fibered Roof Coating (CR-2100) only gets better—and tougher—with age. It stops leaks, preserves the roof surface, reduces heat, and increases air conditioning efficiency. This is a versatile roof coating effective for coating new roofs and renewing the integrity of older roofs.


Fibered Roof Coating (CR-2100) is a liquid combination of asphalt, cellulose, and oils blended by a special process to produce a tough elastic coating that instantly seals on contact. CR-2100 was designed to be the most user-friendly and cost-efficient roof sealer of its kind—a one-man installation that can be applied directly from the container!


CR-2100 does not contain coal or coal tar oil. It is 12 times the thickness of ordinary point with 1 labor cost. It can be used on metal, felt, concrete, or composite roofing.


The coated surface will not dry out or dull. Instead, it develops a callous that becomes thicker and tougher to provide ongoing protection against the sun, cold, and frost. CR-2100 stops leaks and preserves the roof surface.

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• Stops leaks and preserves the roof surface

• Reduces heat loss

• Increases air conditioning efficiency

• Lowers roof temperature

• Prolongs roof life

• Contains no coal tar or coal tar oil

• Economical and easy to use

• 12 times the thickness of ordinary paint with 1 labor cost

• One-man operation

• One-step application directly from the container—no priming required



• 1 gallon covers approximately 50 square feet

• Workmen can coat approximately 200-400 square feet of roof surface per hour

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CR-2100 TDS

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