Shark Coat

Shark Coat is a water-based urethane coating that was developed using groundbreaking, cross-linking chemistry with no harmful solvents! It has an exceptional bond to a variety of substrates including: ceramic tile and grout, concrete, VCT, metal, dry wall, fiberglass, vinyl sheeting, terrazzo, wood, and more. The versatility of this coating allows for it to be used in all types of industries.


Shark Coat is odorless and suitable for any vertical or horizontal surface. It is chemical and UV resistant, easy to maintain, and has superior performance to solvent-based urethane coatings.


Learn how to mix and apply Shark Coat, and watch how this urethane coating performs under durability, flexibility, and anti-graffiti tests.

Epoxy Coating (XC-200)

Epoxy Coating (XC-200) is a 100% solids, high-strength epoxy system for high-traffic areas that’ll save you time and money. It is a self-leveling, extra-long wearing epoxy formula that is permanent and resilient. Whether protecting new concrete from chemical spills or heavy traffic, this coating will give you a durable and permanent finish.


XC-200 is odorless, durable, user friendly, and withstands heavy traffic.

Epoxy Patch (AP-100)

Epoxy Patch (AP-100) is an all-purpose epoxy formulated for damp environments. This heavy-duty, high-compression strength patch is extremely versatile. It can be used to repair and resurface damaged floors, fill pits, holes, cracks and joints in floor surfaces, eliminate damaged expansion joints, and anchor machinery. AP-100 is also excellent for expansion and contraction applications.


This Epoxy Patch is a 100% epoxy resin base with a catalyst hardener and specially blended sand aggregate. Its ability to bond to concrete, steel, and woods adds to the outstanding usability of this epoxy.

Cutting Coolant (FK-600)

Semi-Synthetic Cutting Coolant (FK-600) is a multi-purpose coolant for machining all types of steel and copper alloys that can also be used as a rust inhibitor—on the machine and the part being machined. This Cutting Coolant has a high dilution ratio for greater cost efficiency.


FK-600 is used for sawing, milling, cutting, and as a lubrication. It can also be used to reduce heat and rusting.

Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser (YDC-500)

Super Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser (YDC-500) is a safe and powerful product formulated to be the only cleaner and degreaser you’ll ever need. It is a biodegradable all-purpose cleaner that can be used on machinery, oil-soaked floors, coolant holding tanks, conveyors, engines, dies, presses, and forklifts.


YDC-500 can be used in parts washers, automatic floor scrubbers, power washers, steam cleaning machines, trigger sprayers, or with a mop and bucket. It contains an exclusive rust inhibitor and is formulated to fit any budget.

Green Cleaner (YDC-501)

Green Cleaner (YDC-501) is an all-pupose, super concentrated cleaner and degreaser that contains no hazardous chemicals. It is specially formulated for heavy duty use and to replace hazardous cleaning solutions.


This Green Cleaner is recommended for use in hospitals, medical institutions, schools, government facilities, federally inspected food establishments, hotels, offices, public buildings and more. It can be used for the cleaning and degreasing of trucks, tractors, rail vehicles, industrial machinery, food service equipment and marine cleaning.  YDC-501 can be used in pressure washers, steam cleaners, floor scrubbers, parts washers, and dip tanks.

Drill / Cut / Tap / Ream

Our heavy-duty drill sets cut harder materials and provide a substantially longer cutting life. They are recommended for use in work hardening grades of stainless steel and other tough metal drilling applications.


• Hard Metal Drills 29pc Set (RT-100)

• Tap and Drill Set Coarse 18pc Set (RT-110)

• Tap and Drill Set Fine 18pc Set (RT-120)

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