Low Odor Concrete Sealer (IN-7000)


We promote Low Odor Concrete Sealer (IN-7000) as a universal concrete sealer because whether you’re sealing old concrete, new concrete, or terrazzo, IN-7000 creates a non-slip, durable surface. It is quick drying and prevents against stains and wear and is resistant to acid, alkali, oil, grease, soap, and water.


Low Odor Concrete Sealer (IN-7000) is a water emulsion, clear urethane sealer that can be used on both concrete and terrazzo. When used on terrazzo—floors consisting of chips of marble or granite set in concrete—IN-7000 helps to eliminate uneven porosity. As it hardens, IN-7000 incorporates a durable film within the concrete creating adhesions between the aggregate and the cementitious material, which prevents blooming.

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• Seals concrete and terrazzo

• Prevents surface dusting

• Protects against stains and wear

• Creates a non-slip surface

• Resistant to acid, alkali, oil, grease, soap and water

• Helps to overcome uneven porosity in terrazzo floors



• IN-1700 covers approximately 500 sq. ft. per gal


Cure Times:

• Dry to the touch in 30-60 minutes

• Dries hard in 1-2 hours when applied in thin coats



• Use a lambs-wool applicator to apply the sealer to the floor surface in thin, even coats.

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