Asphalt Patch (PLM-800)

Asphalt Patch (PLM-800) is your go-to patch for making instant and permanent repairs in any kind of weather: hot, freezing, wet, or dry. It can be used to prevent accidents by quickly and permanently repairing surface holes. PLM-800 is ideal for repairing holes in concrete and asphalt in shipping and loading areas, parking lots, driveways, and walkways.


Also available in 55 gallon drums. Please contact us to order larger quantities.


Asphalt Patch (PLM-800) is ready to use right out of the container. It will not stick to the shovel or tamper—and it won’t drive away on tires. PLM-800 is simply the most versatile, user-friendly, all-purpose asphalt patch available. It stands up to the heaviest loads and is immediately ready for heavy traffic, not to mention it is skid-resistant and waterproof!


This asphalt patch does not require special preparation and can be applied by one person directly from the container. No mixing, preparation, or special equipment required! PLM-800 can be installed with a hand tamp or shovel.

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