Paint Stripper (UP-4300)


Paint Stripper (UP-4300) is a thickened, non-chlorinated stripper gel specially formulated to remove cured paints, epoxies, and urethane materials. It has a high viscosity to provide better retention on vertical and uneven surfaces. This paint stripper can be used on wood, metal, stone, furniture, cabinets and floors.


Paint Stripper (UP-4300) sets industry standards for usability, versatility, and effectiveness—it even has a pleasant citrus scent!

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• Non-chlorinated

• Pleasant, citrus scent

• Low volatility

• Can be used on wood, metal, stone, furniture, cabinets, and floors



• Does not need to be diluted prior to application

• Use a brush or roller to apply to floors, walls, ceilings or other surfaces

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