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Low Viscosity Epoxy Coating (XC-260)


Low Viscosity Epoxy (XC-260) creates a highly workable product for applying thin, tight coats. XC-260 is a multi-use epoxy that meets all USDA/FDA guidelines for use in federally inspected facilities. It is a 100% solids formula—so it won’t evaporate during the drying process. It’s a self-leveling, easy flowing coating.

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Low Viscosity Epoxy is an excellent inter-coat adhesion to USANNEX primers and finish coats and serves as a water-clear 100% solids epoxy primer. XC-260 is a 2-component, cyclo-aliphatic epoxy coating applied by brush, roller or squeegee.

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• 100% solids

• Excellent inter-coat adhesion to USANNEX primers and finish coats

• Self-leveling, easy flowing product

• Odorless/VOC compliant

• Water-clear, high gloss finish

• Easy mix ratio

• Good UV and chemical resistance

• Useful as a water clear 100% solids epoxy primer



• Typically applied between 100-160 sq. ft. per gallon per coat depending upon substrate and project requirements

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