Fast Cure Patch (AP-120)

With Fast Cure Patch (AP-120), you won’t have to stop production to make repairs in your cold work environment. AP-120 is a rapid-cure epoxy system formulated to deliver a solid, durable finish to concrete, steel and wood in as little as 4 hours. And because it’s a rapid-cure epoxy, AP-120 is great to have on hand for making emergency repairs—in any temperature!


Fats Cure Patch (AP-120) is a 100% solids epoxy resin with an amine hardener and specially blended aggregate. It is a heavy-duty, high-compression strength concrete repair/resurfacer that easily bonds to concrete, steel, and wood. This rapid-curing patch is also self-leveling which reduces the amount of trowel work needed.


AP-120 is extra-long wearing and provides resilient finish. It is also highly resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents, heat, and cold.


AP-120 is an excellent choice for cold and refrigerated areas between 40-35°F. It is a multi-purpose patch that can be used to repair, patch, and resurface damaged floors; fill pits, holes, cracks, and joints; eliminate damaged expansion joints; and anchor machinery

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• Withstands heavy, abusive traffic

• Absorbs vibration and shock

• 100% Solids epoxy resin with an amine hardener and specially blended aggregate

• 15,500 psi compression strength

• Will not break down at temperatures below 250°F

• Excellent for expansion and contraction applications

• Highly resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents, heat and cold

• Extra-long wearing – permanent and resilient

• Self-leveling – minimal trowel work

• Bonds to concrete, steel and wood


Cure Time:

• A 4”X 4” X 1/4” area will accept light traffic in 4 hours and heavy traffic in 6-8 hours

• Please note: because it is a fast-cure patch, AP-120 is more susceptible to cracking over time


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