Organic Coolant (FK-610)


Tired of drenching your machine with a fire-hose blast of coolant? It gets everywhere, wastes a lot of product, and makes machining your part more work than it needs to be. One of the greatest features of our Organic Coolant (FK-610) is its unique, low-surface tension that allows small quantities of lubricant to spread over and wet large surfaces quickly and accurately.


Organic Coolant (FK-610) has a high-film strength and superior lubricating properties make it possible to machine components with superb surface finishes at material feed and machining speed not previously advisable. FK-610 is a low-viscosity lubricant, which means it won’t get thick or sticky during application. It is vegetable-based and recommended as a micro-dosing coolant.

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• Micro lubricant provides low product usage and is cost effective

• Low surface area supports ease of wetting and spread-ability

• High lubrication properties provide an excellent surface finish

• Minimal application allows minimal drag out on the surface and reduces disposal and environmental issues

• Excellent oxidation stability

• No dilutions necessary—used straight from container



• Do not allow spill to reach running or standing water, such as streams, sewers, well water or ponds

• For small spills, wipe up or use absorbent to clean the spill area

• For large spills, pump released material into recovery containers and then use absorbent to clean the spill area

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