Coating Removal Tool (RT-130)

Coating Removal Tool (RT-130) removes glue, mastic, epoxy, adhesive and coatings in a fast, effective, chemical-free way. This tool can be used right on your existing floor equipment and has a patented design that prevents clogging.


Replaceable blades are available and can easily be changed minimizing downtime.

Coating Removal Tool (RT-130) handles the weight and pressure of ride-on scrubbers, buffers, and heavy-duty floor machines. It has a unique design that ensures new diamond particles are constantly being exposed resulting in a consistent profile throughout the life of the blades.



• 10x faster than scraping manually

• Designed to fit a wide variety of rotary floor machines

• Replaceable diamond blades

• Limited surface contact during use

• No need for heavy, expensive, and hard-to-use grinding equipment requiring 480 3-phase power

• Rigid, exposed diamond cutting surface creates a level floor with normal use


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