Polyurea Joint Filler (AP-600)

Polyurea Joint Filler (AP-600) was designed for interior and exterior horizontal concrete surfaces, sawcut, control joints, cracks, spalls and other areas where downtime is limited—airport runways, swimming pool decks, parking garage decks, warehouses/manufacturing facilities and more.


Polyurea Joint Filler (AP-600) can be used both indoors and outdoors with no degradation or fading due to UV rays. It has 600% elongation and 80 durometer Shore A hardness. This joint filler is non-toxic, odorless, and remains flexible. This moisture insensitive joint filler meets FDA/USDA standards.


Polyurea Joint Filler has its own application system procedure that takes the place of cartridges.

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• Moisture insensitive

• 600% elongation

• UV color stable

• Remains flexible

• Odorless

• Non-toxic

• Meets FDA/USDA standards

• Meets California VOC/AQMD requirements

• Non-pigmented with color pack options available


Areas of Use:

• Airport runways

• Control joints

• Cracks/spalls

• Swimming pool decks

• Sidewalk joints

• Parking garage decks

• Bridge headers

• Warehouse/manufacturing facilities


Weight N/A

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AP-600 TDS

AP-600 SDS