Pipe Repair (BG-500)

Pipe Repair (BG-500) is a user-friendly pipe repair system that uses a simple clean-and-apply process. It is perfect for repairs in hard-to-reach areas and can be used for underwater repairs. No mixing, no tools, water-activated, and it only requires one person to apply—Pipe Repair (BG-500) is fastest, easiest pipe repair system available!

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USANNEX is excited to offer an easy-to-use pipe repair system that can be used to fix routine and emergency leaks. BG-500 is extremely durable, fiberglass tape coated with fast-setting polyurethane resins. It can be used on metal or plastic pipe including steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized black iron, stainless steel, PVC, CPVC, fiberglass, polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVDF. BG-500 pipe repair system includes FIX STIX™ which is a steel-filled, hand-moldable epoxy.

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• Recommended for pressures to 400 psi. it can withstand constant temperatures to 250°F and intermittent temperatures to 500°F



• BG-500 fully cures in approximately 30 minutes at temperatures of 50°F to 80°F. Cure time will be slower at temperatures below 50°F and faster at temperatures above 80°F. Tack free in 3 to 5 minutes at temperatures 50°F to 80°F. Set time will be slower at temperatures below 50°F and faster at temperatures above 80°F



• BG-500 is easy-to-use, requires no mixing, and uses a simple clean-and-apply process. It is recommended for use on pipes up to 18” diameter. Each kit includes 1 roll of knitted fiberglass tape pre-coated with water-activated polyurethane resins enclosed in sealed foil pouch, a piece of FIX STIX epoxy, latex gloves and printed instructions



• BG-500 is designed for routine and emergency leak repairs, hazardous material spill control, structural reinforcement, sealing joints, electrical conduit repair, rebuilding thinning pipe walls, corrosion proofing and abrasion protection


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