Contact Cleaner — Aerosol (YDC-530)

Contact Cleaner (YDC-530) removes grease, oil, tar, wax and lubricating compounds from electrical circuits, contacts, motors and more. It can also be used for heavy-duty parts cleaning without damaging electrical insulation or metals.


• Non-conductive

• 32,000 Dielectric Point

• Non-gummy

• No flash point

• Stainless

• No moisture

• 30-second dry time

• Current does not have to be turned off during application


Areas of Use:

• Electric motors

• Generators

• Alternators

• Instrument panels

• Eelectrical clutches

• Insulation

• Coin-operated machines

• Telephone equipment

• Contact points

• Traffic signal equipment

• Printing equipment and plates



• Spray the surface to be cleaned until it is well saturated

• Operate switches and relaying while spraying to ensure complete cleaning



• May soften or damage certain plastics and paints. Test in small areas before use.

• Contents are under pressure

• Shake well before using

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