Calcium Chloride Pellets (BG-530)

Calcium Chloride Pellets (BG-530) are little white pellets that pack a lot of red-hot heat! In fact, BG-530 is the only melting solution that generates its own heat to melt oncoming snow—it’s as close as you can get to a set-it-and-forget-it melting agent!

Calcium Chloride Pellets are a cost-effective, versatile, all-in-one melting solution for preventing hazardous situations. It effectively melts snow and ice on nearly any surface including driveways, walkways, and stairs—and when applied correctly, CR-9000 will not damage landscaping or leave destructive white residue that can be tracked indoors.

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• Generates its own heat to melt ice and snow immediately

• Works 20-30 times faster than salt

• Works at -25°F where rock salt does not work at temperatures below 25°F

• Remains active to melt oncoming snow

• Leaves no white residue to be tracked into buildings, stain shoes, etc.

• Will not pit or etch concrete

• Will not harm grass or shrubbery when applied properly



• Sprinkle lightly and evenly over the surface to be treated. Thawing begins immediately

• 2 lbs. will treat approximately 200 sq. ft.



• Use caution to remove slush and water as soon as ice is melted to avoid refreezing. Refreezing and thawing cycle by natural causes can damage concrete.

• Excessive use on concrete of questionable quality may cause scaling and flaking

• Particular care when using adjacent to grass and shrubbery. Excessive application may cause browning.



• BG-530 is effective at -25°F—standard rock salt does not melt snow or ice at temperatures below 25°F

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