Emergency Roof Patch (CR-2200)


With Emergency Roof Patch (CR-2200), you’ll be prepared to deliver a temporary roof patching solution until the storm subsides. CR-2200 is a special blend of refined natural minerals that can seek out, fill, expand, and temporarily plug leaks in built-up roofs. It’s a user-friendly, cost-efficient roof patch that pours directly from the container onto wet or dry roof surfaces.

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Emergency Roof Patch (CR-2200) can be applied during heavy rain. It will move through standing weather to stop leaks and prevent interior water damage in minutes! It seeks out cracks and seals rapidly to fill cracks and holes to stop interior water damage.


This roof patch is a one-man operation, no tools required.

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• Ready to use, no special equipment needed for application

• Pours directly from the container, requiring no tools

• Stops interior water damage

• Makes temporary repairs quickly in inclement weather

• May be applied to wet or dry surfaces

• Seeks out cracks

• Swells rapidly to fill cracks and holes

• Economical

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