Orange Cleaner & Degreaser (YDC-520)


Orange Cleaner & Degreaser (YDC-520) is a revolutionary product that can be used for general purpose cleaning, removing adhesive/hot melted glue, dissolving grease, and deodorizing drain lines and traps. It is the perfect product for removing heavy greases and oily films from metal surfaces.


Orange Cleaner & Degreaser (YDC-520) can be used for cleaning a variety of items and should be diluted with water for cleaning, degreasing and odor control.

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• Contains no petroleum distillates or halides

• 100% organic

• Highly concentrated organic formula

• Instantly emulsifies in water to penetrate and remove grease, oil and tar

• Excellent for opening clogged drains or grease traps when caustic solutions should not be used

• Fresh citrus scent

• Makes an ideal drain conditioner

• Highly effective

• Removes tar and bitumen from most hard surfaces

• Replacement for chlorinated and halogenated solvents


General Purpose Cleaning:

• Mix 4 oz. of YDC-520 into 1 gal. of warm water.

• Apply solution generously to surface to be cleaned.

• Allow to soak for 5 minutes.

• Rinse thoroughly with clean water.


Odor Control:

• Mix 2 oz. of YDC-520 into 1 gal. of cold water.

• Use a suitable sprayer to apply the product to the odor source.

• The product will leave a fresh citrus scent.


Unclog Drains:

• Pour 8 oz. of YDC-520 directly into the drain.

• Allow to stand for a minimum of 1 hour.

• Flush the drain liberally with hot water.


Remove Dried Tar & Asphalt:

• Apply YDC-520 undiluted from the container to penetrate and dissolve the material.

• Flush the surface with pressurized water.



• May be harmful to some plastics or painted surfaces. Test the surface to be cleaned in an inconspicuous area before using.

• Combustible—keep away from heat and open flame.

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