Graffiti Removal Towels (GRFAP)

Graffiti Removal Towels (GRFAP) provide the most powerful, user-friendly, and permanent solution to remove unsightly graffiti—including enamel spray paint! These towels are the answer to all your DIY graffiti remover needs for easy and affordable property maintenance.


Abrasive yet non-scratching, our Graffiti Removal Towels (GRFAP) remove graffiti from virtually any hard surface, including: buildings, statues, concrete structures, tile, aluminum siding, lockers, stainless steel, mass transportation vehicles, trains, road signs, and more. Towels are odorless, non-hazardous, non-toxic, and biodegradable.


Graffiti Removal Towels are formulated to stay moist longer to provide extended usage and longer product life. Towels are packaged in double pouches, with 50 double pouches (100 total) of 10” x 12” towels in each box.

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• Powerful formula removes graffiti, including enamel spray paint

• Odorless and biodegradable

• Non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-flammable

• Abrasive yet non-scratching moist towels stay moist longer

• Container is easy to transport from area to area



• Lightly scrub in a circular motion to begin dissolving paint and graffiti

• Wipe up any remaining residue with a clean cloth

• Repeat if necessary

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