Cutting Coolant — Semi-Synthetic (FK-600)

Cutting Coolant – Semi-Synthetic (FK-600) is a great multi-purpose coolant to keep on hand in the machine shop. Not only can this coolant be used for machining all types of steel and copper alloys, it can also be used as a heat reducer and rust inhibitor—on the machine and the part being machined.


Also available in 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes. Please contact us to order larger quantities.


This is a heavy-duty, semi-synthetic cutting coolant has a high dilution ratio for greater cost efficiency—it can be used straight or cut.

FK-600 is slightly color-tinted blended with bactericide to eliminate odor problems and aid spectograph readings. To avoid staining copper alloys, always clean the material after machining.

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• Odorless

• Blended with bactericide to eliminate odor problems

• Slightly color-tinted to aid spectrograph readings

• High dilution ratios add to product value


Dilutions: Mix with water to achieve the desired dilution ratio

• Tapping, Drilling – 5:1 up to 10:1

• Turning, Boring, Sawing – 10:1 up to 20:1

• Lathes, Milling – 15:1 up to 20:1

• Grinding – 20:1 up to 30:1

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FK-600 TDS

FK-600 SDS