General Purpose Mat (HM-9200)

The General Purpose Mat (HM-9200) is an outstanding solution for improving employee wellness in automotive manufacturing, assembly lines, manufacturers, service counters, shipping & receiving, factories, and other areas with standing workers. The HM-9200 is non-allergenic, latex- and silicone-free, and is complete with a safety bevel so that all service carts can easily roll over.

The General Purpose Mat (HM-9200) is user friendly, lightweight, and easy to clean. With this mat on hand you’ll see an immediate increase in productivity and employee morale due to increased comfort in the work place.


This mat is approved by the National Floor Safety Institute and has a quality rating 40% higher than other general purpose sponge mats on the market.

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• Ergonomically designed to reduce back, leg, foot, and ankle fatigue

• Increases circulation

• Reduces spinal compression

• Guaranteed to protect employees from exposure to prolonged cold, heat, and vibration

• Life expectancy 3-8 years


Areas of Use:

• Automotive manufacturing, assembly lines, chemical plants

• Furniture manufacturers, service counters, shipping & receiving mats

• Factory and fabrication, mechanic areas, steel factory

• Bucket trucks, parts manufacturing, and many more usage areas for standing workers

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A